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Sunday June 26, 2016

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Shareholder Scoop

The Annual Meeting of the Mad River Glen Co-op took place on Saturday April 2 .

Check out the video of the Meeting
Here are the results of the election of Co-op Trustees;

Meg Hourihan - 429 votes
Eric Palola - 426 Votes
Matt Kenny - 434 votes

The next meeting of the Co-op's Board of Trustees will be held this Saturday, May 14 at 8 AM. The meeting will take place on the 3rd floor of the Basebox Lodge.  

There is also a meeting planned for June 11. Here is the agenda for the May meeting:


8:00 AM Call to order
8:02 AM Welcome & shareholder comments
8:05 AM Review & approve minutes of April 3, 2016 (Action).
8:07 AM Management report
8:15 AM Finance Committee report 
· Review proposed budget (Action)
· Review plans for summer spend 
9:00 AM Fundraising Committee report
9:10 AM Review & approve personnel policy revisions(Action)
9:15 AM Facilities Committee report
· Update on Birdcage planning 
9:20 AM Review and approve calendar for 2016-17
9:30 AM Action item review
· Departmental trends
· Mission statement and members for parking committee 
· Planned mountain improvements for Summer 2016
9:40 AM Executive Session
10:30 AM Adjournment








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